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Reaction types:

The list of reaction types below are commonly carried out in our labs and plants:

+ Acetylation     + Acylation        + Addition            + Alkylation  

+ Amination         + Bromination   + Chlorination      + Condensation 

+ Cyanation          + Cyclization      + Dehydration     + Esterification  

+ Fluorination       + Formylation     + Friedel-Crafts  + Grignard reaction

+ Halogenation    + Hydrogenation + Hydrolysis        + Iodination  

+ Jones oxidation+ Nitration            + Reduction        + Neutralization  

+ Ring Opening    + Sandmeyer reaction                    + Suzuki-coupling  

+ Sulphonation      + Substitution


AOKChem collaborated with our supporters built one research center in a famous university in Liaoning province and three manufacture plants in Suzhou (Zhejiang province) and Baoshan (Shanghai) which have over 40 sets of reaction kettles from 100L to 5000L. We make sure our facilities can meet our customers?needs from gram scale to metric ton scale.


To better meet our customers needs, AOKchem also distributes many kinds of fine chemicals, intermediates and small compounds from local venders. AOKchem have a close relationship with many factories and labs in China, thereby we can provide our customers higher quality products with competitive price.

Core structures of AOKCHEM Ver.1:

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