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+ Tiquizium Bromide (71731-58-3)
+ Tiquizium Bromide Intermediate 03 (19728-76-8)
+ Tiquizium Bromide Intermediate 05 (69664-10-4)
+ Zonisamide (Non-sterile) (68291-97-4)
+ Zonisamide Intermediate (73101-64-1)
+ Fluvoxamine Maleate (Non-sterile) (61718-82-9)
+ Fluvoxamine Intermediate (61718-80-7)
+ Oseltamivir Intermediate 06 (204254-96-6)
+ Oseltamivir Intermediate 10 (204255-06-1)
+ Ramosetron Intermediate (15788-16-6)
+ Cefotaxime Acid (63527-52-6)
+ Ceftazidime Dihydrochloride (73547-70-3)
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About AOKchem

hspace=10Established by experienced chemists and marketing experts , AOKChem is becoming a stronger force in chemistry field, such as molecular design, custom synthesis, and outsourcing of fine chemicals.

AOKChem provides satisfactory service of manufacturing, supplying and distributing of fine chemicals, quality intermediates, Building Blocks, and small molecular compounds for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, drug discovery companies all over the world.

To well serve our customers, AOKChem collaborated with our supporters which have over 40 sets of reaction kettles from 100L to 5000L. We hope our facilities can meet our customers needs from gram scale to metric ton scale.

AOKChem is sensitive to your inquiries and will reply you promptly. Please use our search engine on the left to find out what you are interested in. You can contact us online by leaving messages below product or by other means posted on the left page.

We are delighted at your interest in AOKchem. Please feel free to contact us.

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UKAS ISO 9001 being officially accredited  [2011-10-28]
D-Luciferin free acid (2591-17-5) promotion  [2011-10-02]
D-Luciferin sodium salt (103404-75-7) promotion  [2011-10-02]
D-Luciferin potassium salt (115144-35-9 )promotion  [2011-10-02]
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